Escape from a Ghost Town

BY THE TIME the German couple had retired to their quarters at the guest house in the ghost town, even the two drunken soccer fans had begun to weary of their own raucous chants. As an equally unattractive substitute, they took up bouncing crude banter off one another in a verbal ping-pong match. Insults pinged […]

Pedersen’s Last Dream – Nine

I’M ON A TRAIN. It’s late at night. Or perhaps it’s midday and the train is an underground train. Sometimes, in dreams, you can never tell. “Look at our friend over there,” I say to someone, who suddenly appears at my side, while pointing to a drunk talking to himself further up the train, “I […]

Pedersen’s Last Dream – Eight

THERE IS A SECRET island far beyond the Arctic Circle where people don’t lock their doors at night for there is no fear and there are no thieves. An island where small children play on homemade rafts in sparkling waters on summer days that last forever. A secret island where sea-mist clouds roll lazily over mountain tops […]