Do you Dream? – Dream

Get Dreamy - Dream

NO BLOG entitled Pedersen’s Last Dream would be complete without including the song Do You Dream? by Norwegian progressive rock band Dream. Comprised of Christian Reim, Hans-Marius Stormoen, Terje Rypdal and Tom Karlsen, Dream recorded only one album entitled Get Dreamy on Polydor in 1967.

The rock scene in Norway in was fairly small during the Flower Power years with few venues, but it was extremely lively. My great friend, Mick Kouzaris, and I spent a couple of summers together in Oslo back then, and were very familiar with most of it.

One of the most popular gathering places was at the end of a pier on the west side of Oslofjord. The notorious Klub 7 was a hang-out for artists, poets, rock muscians and assorted hippies. It was there we first heard of a new band from Esther Ny, a Norwegian friend I’d met in 1966. Esther knew all the local bands and had introduced me to another Norwegian band The Beatnicks the year before.

Both students at Loughborough in Leicestershire, Mick and I were passionate about the underground music scene, and had attended many gigs together in England. As soon as we heard about Dream we were desperate to see them. Our chance came a couple of days later at a small club in Oslo at one of their very first live performances. We weren’t to be disappointed.

Terje Rypdal, formerly of The Vanguards, and a very accomplished lead guitarist, went on to become a jazz musician and composer of world standing. Many fans of progressive and psychedelic rock regard Rypdal as one of the most underrated lead guitarists of the 1960s. Having had the good fortune to have seen Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton, Peter Green, Jimmy Paige and Alvin Lee, among many other legendary guitarists of the era, play live, I have to agree.

Dream only lasted from 1967-69, after which they split up to go their separate ways due to disagreements as to which musical direction they should take. Here’s a real treat for fans of 1960s psychedelia.


2 thoughts on “Do you Dream? – Dream

  1. When you wrote “My friend Mick Kouzaris” – because “Kouzaris” was on the next line, I swear you were going to write “My friend Mick Jagger” !!!

    It was a treat indeed, very psychedelic.

    A shame they split – they sounded great. Enjoyed that thanks, Bryan.


  2. Well, not wanting to sound too much like a name dropper, I did know Jade, Mick Jagger’s daughter well enough to be invited to a few parties by her. So I suppose that makes me an “I almost knew Mick Jagger” type of person. I’ll probably get round to writing a bit about those times in the coming year.


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