Wayport Access

I don’t usually reblog, but in this case I make an excpetion.
For some of the best travel-writing published anywhere, you have to read gabfrab. Your perception of travel-writing will change forever.


I often live my life not through action but observance and so consider myself a collector. I love the wild and humanizing moments that emanate from the city streets and thruways of America. The singular happenings that only I care to catch and remember: Homeless make out sessions and bus stop foot repairs. Some drunken old man checking the time on a statue’s watch. A hitchhiker with jars full of hobo teeth. Each day is a chance to see a new set of humans whose interactions few will ever witness. A chance to live a life through others and outside myself. To absorb a city’s energy and abundance of life. So I walk on aimless quests to observe idiosyncrasies and strangeness, falling deep down the obsession hole for people with no sense of public awareness.

In Minneapolis I did this on my own, chatting with an Uptown hobo about the seven inch fatty nesting in the…

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2 thoughts on “Wayport Access

    • No problem. I don’t think it will necessarily bring you lots more readers, because my site isn’t so popular. Nevertheless, I think you’re doing something way ahead of a most other writers in the travel field, and you deserve encouragement, as well as a much wider readership.


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