The Morning after the Morning Before

THE MORNING AFTER the morning before, when all feelings of fear and self-loathing had virtually dissipated into the thinness of the Arctic air, I felt almost alive again. Just a few dusty cobwebs of half-remembered doubt lingered at the frayed edges of my mind. Nothing a couple of beers couldn’t fix. But that wasn’t the […]

Pedersen’s Last Dream – Ten

FOLLOWING MY RUN IN with the gorilla at the Aker brygge shopping mall, Kari called a taxi and told the driver to take us to Majorstua. If only my arm hadn’t been in a sling I would’ve knocked the gorilla’s block off. Nobody messes with Knut Pedersen and walks away with his body intact, I […]

The Morning After

IT WAS HALF AN HOUR into Sunday afternoon by the time my gooey eyelids managed to wrench themselves apart. The resulting sensation was a bit like having fine sandpaper coated in blear drawn across your eyeballs. An ensuing blitz of excruciating light had my frontal lobes throbbing like they were attempting to break out of […]

The Secret Island

THERE IS A SECRET island far beyond the Arctic Circle where people don’t lock their doors at night for there is no fear and there are no thieves. An island where small children play on homemade rafts in sparkling waters on summer days that last forever… AND SO BEGINS chapter eight of Pedersen’s Last Dream. Oddly enough, though […]

From Bodø to Røst

THOUGH ADOLF HITLER’S Armed Forces High Command couldn’t possibly have planned to spoil Bjørg’s birthday party on purpose, they might just as well have. The German invasion of Norway on April 9th 1940 certainly put a damper on any thoughts of birthday celebrations, and would serve as a reminder of that fateful day for the rest […]

Scientific proof reading Pedersen’s Last Dream will make you brainier!

GOOD NEWS for all my readers! Scientists have now confirmed that reading novels like Pedersen’s Last Dream can cause biological changes in the brain that act as a booster, which can linger for up to five days or more. Admittedly, the researchers at Emory University in the US did qualify their findings by specifically using the words […]

God Jul! to all my readers

THIS VIDEO in the web edition of The Guardian newspaper caught my attention today, and I thought I’d like to share it with my followers and readers because of its seasonal feel. For those who want to read the accompanying text and Guardian comments, I leave this link: Held about halfway between Bergen and Oslo, the long […]

From Nyksund to Bodø

MY FLIGHT from the ghost town was on. The Lithuanian students would drop Mark and I off, on their way south, next morning. As they’d been far from happy with the paltry wages they’d received from Olau, in return for their long hours of labour, there was a sense of schadenfreude in the arrangement. Even […]

Do you Dream? – Dream

NO BLOG entitled Pedersen’s Last Dream would be complete without including the song Do You Dream? by Norwegian progressive rock band Dream. Comprised of Christian Reim, Hans-Marius Stormoen, Terje Rypdal and Tom Karlsen, Dream recorded only one album entitled Get Dreamy on Polydor in 1967. The rock scene in Norway in was fairly small during the Flower Power years […]

Escape from a Ghost Town

BY THE TIME the German couple had retired to their quarters at the guest house in the ghost town, even the two drunken soccer fans had begun to weary of their own raucous chants. As an equally unattractive substitute, they took up bouncing crude banter off one another in a verbal ping-pong match. Insults pinged […]