In the steps of Knut Hamsun – A walk through Oslo

THE OLD boarding house at Number 11 Tomtegaten no longer stands. Neither does the street. Most of the immediate  area was demolished decades ago, leaving no trace of scenes Norwegian writer, and Nobel Prize winner, Knut Hamsun, describes in his semi-autobiographical novel Hunger. Opened in 1882, eight years before the book was published, only the original, yellow […]

Trondheim to Røros – from one of the oldest to one of the coldest

PEDERSEN’S LAST DREAM  began in Norway. Written in the first person, the main character, Knut Pedersen, was born in Baklandet, Trondheim. The city was capital of Norway during the Viking period up until  1217AD. There are some fascinating houses in the older parts with the most beautiful carved doors. These photos were taken in Trondheim […]

My Beautiful Aunt

WHETHER SKIING woodland trails, or hiking mountain ranges, Aunt Helga knew nothing if not to be the centre of attraction. For her it was the most natural place in the world. No sooner did she sprain an ankle, than a handsome stranger would pop up from behind a rock, or emerge from behind a tree. It was […]